On The Move Entertainment was established in 1992 for the purpose of providing fun and excitement to people of all ages.  No matter what your venue may be, we can design a party package to fit your every need.

The company is owned and operated by DJ Terrence Harris and his wife, Lameathia Harris.  We can help with every part of your party planning by taking your ideas and suggestions and molding them into a momentous occasion.  There is no event too small or idea too outrageous that we cannot bring into reality.  We pride ourselves on our ability to orchestrate your event with the right blend of fun and excitement.
Working as a team with my wife brings so much more creativity to every event.  Having a woman's point of view helps in the process and it really comes into play when there is a wedding or corporate event planned.

When you hire DJ Terrence Harris for your special event you can relax knowing that you have a qualified, professional team working for you.
Through the years we have talked with many people that have had, or have seen, a party ruined by an unprofessional disc jockey.  Remember, the music will be one of the biggest parts of your party.  If the DJ you hire doesn't have much experience, or if you are getting a price quote that sounds too good to be true, he or she probably has just enough experience to ruin your party.  This is one of those "get what you pay for" times.  Read the outline that will give you the knowledge you need to choose the right entertainer for your event.  Remember, you can't redo that special day.  So please take the time to thoroughly check out the DJ you are considering.

After all the hours of planning and all the expenses, success will depend on how well your DJ does his or her job.  An experienced DJ will make all the difference in the world to the final outcome of your event.


A professional DJ should always have current references. The DJ that hasn't done an event in one or two months may only be looking to pick up some extra money here and there.


Having back-up equipment will ensure that the show will go on.  Ask the DJ what what comes with the price that was quoted to you.  If back-up equipment was not mentioned, he may not have any.  Lack of spare mixers, amplifiers, cd players, etc could mean the end of your event if something were to "malfunction".


Talent agencies, booking agents, and some mobile DJ companies book events and send independent DJs to do your party.  If you book your DJ direct, there is no agent fee added to the total.  By dealing direct with a DJ professional, you will know who you are booking and what you will be getting.


A professional DJ will always bring a wide variety of music covering all styles of music from the Big Band swing era all the way to the latest dance hits of today.  This enables them to cover any requests from you and your guests.


Do you feel comfortable with the DJ after talking with him or her over the phone or having met in person?  You should receive good vibes from your choice.  A good DJ will listen to you to know exactly what you want rather than constantly talking his sales pitch.
As the owner of On The Move Entertainment, I realize that many of you may be hiring a DJ for the first time.  I hope this outline will help you select the best entertainer you can find for your event.  If I can be of service to you, please contact me at any time.
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